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The Almond Valley Viaduct

The Almond Valley Viaduct  - Copyright Dougie Milne Photography 2018

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The Almond Valley Viaduct, also known simply as the Almond Viaduct or the Ratho Viaduct, carries the main Edinburgh to Glasgow line across the River Almond in 36 impressive archways. It forms the eastern border of West Lothian, and is visible to anyone travelling west out of Edinburgh towards Glasgow.

It was designed by the engineer John Miller (1805-83), for the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Company, and completed in 1841. The railway was opened on 18 February 1842.

The viaduct is in two distinct sections - the pictured 36 arch eastern section crossing the River Almond, and a 7 arch western section, crossing the A89. The two are linked by a 400m embankment.

This picture was taken on 1 July 2018.