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The Mighty Forth Bridge

The Mighty Forth Bridge  - Copyright Dougie Milne Photography 2024

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The Mighty Forth Bridge is an iconic structure in Scotland, symbolizing engineering prowess and historical significance. Spanning the Firth of Forth, this cantilever railway bridge connects Edinburgh to Fife and was completed in 1890. It remains a critical artery for rail transport in the region.

Beneath this magnificent bridge, at North Queensferry, you can find remnants of the area's rich maritime and railway heritage. An anchor and an old railway wheel are displayed on the stony beach beneath the lighthouse. These artifacts serve as tangible connections to the past, illustrating the area's long-standing relationship with maritime activities and the development of rail transport.

North Queensferry, with its picturesque setting and historical artifacts, provides a fascinating glimpse into Scotland's industrial and maritime history, all under the shadow of the majestic Forth Bridge.

This picture was taken on 8 June 2024.