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Camps Viaduct, East Calder

Camps Viaduct, East Calder  - Copyright Dougie Milne Photography 2017

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This is the Camps Viaduct, built in 1885 to carry the North British Railway across the River Almond to serve the brickworks, quarries and limekilns at Camps, near East Calder. It is the most impressive structure in Almondell Country Park. It has nine spans, is constructed mostly from stone, and carried the line some 23 metres (75 feet) above the River Almond.

The railway closed in 1959, and the viaduct, a Grade B listed structure, now forms part of a walkway through Almondell Country Park for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

There are some fantastic views up and down the River Almond from the viaduct through Almondell.

This picture was taken on 4 June 2017.