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Crail Harbour at Dawn

Crail Harbour at Dawn  - Copyright Dougie Milne Photography 2024

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The tranquil morning at Crail Harbour in Fife, Scotland, is a mesmerising blend of warm light, cool sea, and serene sky.

Nestled on the Fife Coastal Path, this picturesque harbour in the East Neuk of Fife captures the essence of a peaceful dawn. The calm sea and serene waters reflect the gentle dawn light, illuminating the harbour and its collection of fishing boats and dinghies. Shoregate Road and Crail House add to the charm of this historic Scottish fishing village. The stillness of the North Sea and the soft hues of the sky create an enchanting atmosphere, making Crail Harbour a quintessential seaside haven.

This picture was taken on 2 May 2024.