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Wrecked boat, Auchmithie

Wrecked boat, Auchmithie  - Copyright Dougie Milne Photography 2024

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Wrecked boat, Auchmithie Harbour near Arbroath, Angus.

Built in 1878, this wooden lugsail, or lugger, was driven from its moorings at Auchmithie Harbour on 1 February 1903. The contents, I suspect, are newer.

Auchmithie is a small fishing village located near Arbroath in Angus, Scotland. Historically, it was a significant fishing port, particularly known for its herring fishing industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Luggers were a common type of fishing vessel used in Scotland during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were typically small sailing boats with a single mast and a lug sail rig, which is a four-sided sail rigged with a spar along the foot of the sail. Luggers were versatile vessels used for various types of fishing, including herring fishing, which was prevalent in Auchmithie.

Wrecks and maritime accidents were not uncommon during this era, especially considering the sometimes treacherous conditions of the North Sea. Storms, navigational errors, and mechanical failures could all contribute to vessels running aground or being damaged.

This picture was taken on 29 January 2024.